GWR: 120 nationalities sing Emirati national anthem

By DG Staff

DUBAI 29 November 2019: People from 120 nationalities residing in the UAE sang the Emirati national anthem in the Al Nasr Sports Stadium in Dubai, as part of an initiative organised by the Watani Al Emarat Foundation, breaking the Guinness World Record for the highest number of nationalities singing one national anthem.

The record reflects the love and commitment of the people for the UAE, and their honest loyalty and faith in the values of tolerance and equality, which distinguish the Emirati community.

On the occasion, Dherar Belhoul, Director-General of the Foundation, stated that the celebration reflects the true image of the UAE community, as a model of peaceful coexistence, equality and compassion.

He said that the participation of many people from all nationalities proves that the UAE is a unique and remarkable model of peaceful coexistence, not only in the Arab world but also around the world, said Wam.

He then stressed that the singing of the national anthem by this many people from different nationalities represents the noblest human emotions, as they translated their love for the UAE in a civilised manner.

Such events strengthen the relations of the entire Emirati community and reinforce patriotism, he said in conclusion.

Dubai Gazette