UAE stocks gain AED14.66 bn in market cap

DUBAI 6 April 2021: UAE financial markets on Monday posted decent gains of around AED14.66 bn in market cap driven by the realty and banking blue chips amid increased transactions that hit AED925 million. The upbeat […]

UAE turning waste into economic resource

DUBAI April 4 2021: In recent years, the UAE has progressed in turning waste from an environmental burden into an economic resource, through launching initiatives that support the waste management industry. Waste management is a […]

UAE announces $3 billion investment in Iraq

DUBAI 4 April 2021: The UAE Sunday announced $3 billion investment in Iraq in a fresh bid to strengthen the economic and investment relations between the two fraternal nations. The new investments are aimed to […]

Suez Canal blockage leading to oil price spikes

DUBAI 25 March 2021: A massive cargo ship turned sideways in Egypt’s Suez Canal, blocking traffic in a crucial East-West waterway for global shipping, according to satellite data accessed Wednesday. Traffic on the narrow waterway […]

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