12th Arab Strategy Forum to kick off today in Dubai

By DG Staff

DUBAI 9 December 2019: The twelfth Arab Strategic Forum will start in Dubai today, with the participation of international officials and global strategic experts.

This year’s forum has special importance, due to it being held under the title, “Forecasting the Next Decade 2020-2030,” with the aim of anticipating the next ten years and potential global developments in the areas of politics, the economy and diplomacy.

In conjunction with its launch, the forum will issue three reports, entitled, “The World in 2030 – Trends, Transformations, Opportunities and Challenges,” “11 Questions for the Next Decade” and “Mosque and State: How Arabs see the next 10 Years? A platform for sharing ideas and visions.”

Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future and Chairman of the Forum, stated that the twelfth session of the forum will remain an open and creative regional and international platform for exchanging ideas and visions between leading intellectuals, experts and future global advisors, said Wam.

The forum will also seek to consolidate its regional and international role in predicting prominent international events, trends and transformations, while providing in-depth analyses of various indicators.

Mohammed Al Gergawi

Al Gergawi stated that the forum reflects the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid about future scientific exploration, adding that the forum will also focus on the entire decade, from 2020 to 2030.

He stressed the importance of the forum, along with its outcomes and recommendations, to anticipate challenges, explore opportunities, monitor risks and take the necessary precautions to achieve and accelerate development over the next ten years.

Al Gergawi also pointed out that the forum aims to provide visions, information and recommendations through involving leading global experts to anticipate the future of the economy and politics, to allow decision-makers to draft realistic action plans and flexible, modern policies.

Dubai Gazette