28-year-old ‘looks 90’ after shedding 57 kilos

Woman suffers from excess skin; wants to have another operation

A woman’s incredible weight loss transformation has left her looking like she has the “body of a 90-year-old.”

American Dionne Gomez, 28, lost an incredible nine stone (57 kg) after doctors warned she could suffer serious health problems associated with her weight.

But now Dionne, who was once 21st 6lbs (140 kg), says she’s more insecure than she was at her heaviest because of her folds of saggy skin.


Speaking to the UK Sun newspaper, she said: “I have it all around my body, from my neck down – it looks like a 90 year old’s body… to those who know me closely, I do a great job of masking the sagging skin….

“I know how to work my body and cover what I do not want others to see. I am like Houdini except for weight loss……as you can see from some of the pictures noted in this post, I am carrying around pounds of excess skin on my breast, arms, thighs, abdomen and butt…

“While most of the areas look fine, my abdomen and breast are easily noticeable if not clothed in the right way.Despite my best efforts to tone and wear compression garments, the skin is here to stay.”

She started on her extreme weight loss regime and underwent stomach reduction surgery after doctors told her she had pre-diabetes and sleep apnoea.

Along with the operation, she began exercising four times a week and has even completed half marathons.

She has now decided to have her extra skin surgically removed and is hoping to raise around £15,000 she needs by crowdfunding .

Writing on the money raising page, she adds: “It is the bittersweet part of my weight loss that I am extremely uncomfortable with and proud of at the same time. This is what hard work and dedication looks like. But this is also what brings rashes, pain and body discomfort to some. This is my reality…


“While I believe the sagging skin is symbolic of the progress I have made this past year, I believe removing the skin will improve my standard of living. I hope you will consider donating to my medical costs.”

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