5 different ways to smuggle drugs into UAE foiled

By Rajive Singh

More than 6.8 million Captagon pills seized

ABU DHABI 19 September 2017: The Ministry of Interior (MOI), has undermined the operations of regional drug smuggling networks, as a result of joint operations between the Federal Drug Control Administration and counterparts in other Arab countries.

The ministry has outlined effective plans to maintain the country’s safety and security while protecting it from the criminal activities of drug smugglers, said Wam.

1. In a joint operation with its counterpart in Jordan, the Federal Drug Control Administration confiscated 150,000 capsules of the drug, Captagon, in Abu Dhabi in May. Two suspects of Gulf nationalities were caught during the operation.

2. Coinciding with the first operation, the authority, with the co-operation of the Saudi Drug Control Department, also confiscated 2.12 million capsules of Captagon in Umm Al Qaiwain, which were hidden in an SUV vehicle. Four suspects of Gulf nationalities were planning to smuggle the drugs into Saudi Arabia.

3. After an undercover three-month surveillance following the operation, the other members of the gang, who were involved in transporting and smuggling the drugs by hiding them in live agricultural seedlings, were identified and caught in Ras Al Khaimah while smuggling another 4.2 million capsules of Captagon.

4. Another five suspects of Gulf and Asian nationalities were caught in Dubai with 353,000 capsules of Captagon, based on information gathered by the administration.

5. A wooden ship, which came from an Asian country in the middle of August, attempted to smuggle Captagon pills through one of the country’s ports, and then deliver them to an Arab person residing in Sharjah.

Colonel Saeed Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the Federal Drug Control Administration and Deputy Chairman of the Anti-Narcotics Council, stated that a joint operation with the Jordanian Drug Control Department last May led to capture of two further suspects of Gulf nationalities.

Al Suwaidi highlighted the MOI’s emphasis, through the directives of Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, to curtail the emergence of drugs and confront anyone who might threaten the safety and security of the community. He explained that the officers of the Federal Drug Control Administration are highly trained and skilled while noting their rapid level of response when uncovering drug trafficking and smuggling operations, based on their long-term plans.

Al Suwaidi praised the cooperation of Saudi and Jordanian drug control departments, which facilitated the work of their joint field teams in investigating and capturing drug smugglers. He also praised the role of local drug control departments and administrations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm Al Qaiwain in effectively participating in their operations.