6-year old Dubai child left locked in bus dies

By Eudore R. Chand

Quran School in Dubai's Al Quoz area

DUBAI 16 June 2019: A 6-year-old Asian boy died on a bus at the Al Quoz Quranic center, Dubai Police said yesterday.

All the children had left the bus and its doors were locked. the boy was left forgotten in the bus at around 8:00 am and he stayed inside the bus until he died.

The Gulf summer has proved fatal to several children in the past who have been left inside locked vehicles. The windows are closed too for air conditioning.

The tragic death gave rise to commiserations from the public as well as advice.

Most have suggested that it be made mandatory for drivers and bus supervisors to check the bus before leaving and locking it.

Malkaabi tweeted: “Why is not a law passed to deter this negligence by supervisors and bus drivers? Why is not every bus [has] at least one window [open]…”

Nidhin said: “Very Sad to hear the same repeated news every year. Authority shall give more awareness classes or training sessions to the school employees and drivers. Bus should keep one window open before switch off and parking. Bus driver to double check inside bus.

Team Target International, tweeted: “May Allah have mercy on him.”

It suggested that the students identity card be used to monitor the entry and exit from the bus.

Basselal Mourani said schools should be forced to put sensor within the buses. “These sensors are available and very cheap (the price may not exceed Dh50). This is not the first case.

Dubai Gazette