A family releases daughter from a brothel

A family from Vietnam managed to release their daughter from a brothel after being lured into the country, confined in an attempt to be forced into prostitution.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard that the twenty four year old victim, NT, had agreed with a friend called Leen to arrange for her a work in the country.

After sometime, Dang arranged the visa and air ticket.

“Dang received me at the airport and drove me to the International City where he handed me to men and asked me to offer sex to men similarly to the other women who were in the flat. I refused that and asked the men to let me go out. They shouted at me, threatened of beating my up and prevented me from opening the door,” she testified.

The men confined the woman for three days during which she was begging them to let her go out.

“I threatened Dang that I would inform the embassy and my family… so, he did not object sending me back home provided that I should buy the air ticket. My family sent the air ticket by email,” testified the victim.

Dang dropped the woman to the airport and disappeared. At the immigration counter, the woman was told that she could not travel because there was a complaint lodged by her country’s embassy.

The victim learnt that her family communicated the embassy and complained about the crime.

The embassy informed the UAE authorities and an official complaint was lodged with the police.

The victim was taken to Al Rashidiay police station where she was asked to give details. Police raided that flat which was proved to be a brothel. Men and women who were in the brothel were arrested.

The victim recognised four men who confined her and attempted to force her offer sex to customers.

Jobless, HT, 23, FD,20, HA, 24, and LD, 20, are accused of human trafficking and running a brothel.
The court will reconvene on November 14.

Dubai Gazette