A storekeeper steals her employer

A Filipina sore keeper allegedly forged three bank receipts and embezzled more than Dh15,000 from her employer, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MJ, 31, submitted three receipts attributed to the bank where her employer’s company has an account.

The first receipt, dated on May 5, states that she deposited Dh1,290, the second receipt which carried the same date stated that she deposited Dh7,690, and the third receipt dated June 13, stated that she deposited Dh4,974.

The storekeeper submitted the receipts to her compatriot accountant of the company.

The accountant L, later found out that there were no such deposits in the bank statement and so she informed her employer.

The 47-year-old Emirati employer owner of the company confronted the storekeeper with that.

“The accountant admitted to forging the bank’s receipts using her computer. She also admitted to stealing Dh2,279 that were in her custody. She was made to write a confession and then a complaint was lodged with the police,” he told investigators.

The court will give sentence on January 8.

Dubai Gazette