Abu Dhabi gets tough with bullying in schools

By Rajive Singh

ABU DHABI 29 November 2018: Abu Dhabi Police (ADP), is promoting awareness to prevent school bullying.

Its efforts aim to provide a safe environment for students, under the framework of awareness workshops and lectures organised by the social support centres of the “Community Security Sector.”

Brigadier Ali Salem Al Badi, Director of the Social Support Centres, highlighted the ADP’s keenness to protect children, prevent bullying, and prepare awareness programmes, initiatives and lectures to support bullying victims, as well as bullies, to address their lack of confidence, guilt, anxiety and aggression and rehabilitate them, through specialist psychological and social support, said Wam.

Al Badi said that school bullying is an aggressive behaviour by children who are emotionally disturbed while noting their physical and verbal abuse against others, by excluding them from social activities or events, and adding that bullies behave like that to attract attention.

Al Badi also highlighted the importance of reinforcing the role of families in raising children in an environment free from violence and oppression, as well as strengthening their self-confidence while urging parents to enrol their children in appropriate academic and cultural programmes, build friendly relationships with their children, communicate with them, monitor their behaviour, and raise awareness about the risks caused by the negative use of the internet.

He also urged them to follow up with teachers and social workers at schools.

Dubai Gazette