Abu Dhabi health facilities to issue medical bills to patients

By Sheena Amos

ABU DHABI 10 April 2019: Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), has issued a mandate requiring health facilities in Abu Dhabi to issue medical bills to patients.

Set to come into effect starting 1at May, the bill will detail the treatment provided, healthcare services received, including any patient cost sharing obligations (such as co-pay).

Mohammed Al Hajj, Acting Director for Health System Financing Division at the Department, said that the new policy aims to ensure that locals and residents in Abu Dhabi will continue to enjoy highest quality of medical services by empowering patients and ensuring they understand their rights and obligations and increasing community’s awareness about the cost of healthcare services.

Al Hajj added that the policy stems from DoH’s ongoing efforts to promote healthcare transparency, as well as reduce duplication caused by unnecessary healthcare services, and promote the principle of value for money, said Wam.

This step comes in line with DoH’s strategy to continue engaging with the community and involving them in every step of their medical treatment process. It also aims to raise their understanding of the insurance rights afforded to them and their insurance companies to enable them to identify any discrepancies or questioned costs.

Al Hajj commented, “The DoH is urging all healthcare providers and professionals to ensure that they provide patients or their attendants a detailed electronic statement by text messages or via email that outlines all charges incurred. Furthermore, healthcare facilities must keep copies of the issued bills for when an audit by the DoH is due.”

Dubai Gazette