Ajman government offices to fully open 3rd August

By DG Staff

AJMAN 27 July 2020: The Department of Human Resources of the Ajman Government announced the full return of all government employees to their workplaces on 3rd August, 2020.

The announcement was made in a circular issued by the department to all local government authorities, which stipulates the cancellation of exemptions of specific categories of staff from returning to work, as well as exempts employees with chronic diseases, provided that they can present a medical report approved by medical authorities, which must be subsequently approved by the emirate’s medical committee.

It also stipulates that all previous circulars from the department related to remote work will still be in-force, unless they contradict the new circular, said Wam..

The department highlighted the necessity for government authorities to comply with current safety standards and precautionary measures, to ensure the continuity of business and protect the safety of employees and customers.



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