Al Ain Safari: Have dinner next to the lions

By DG Staff

AL AIN 24 January 2020: Al Ain Safari is the largest man-made safari park in the world, located in Al Ain Zoo on an area of 217-hectare, with room for future expansion projects.

The first phase of what is also called the “African Safari” was inaugurated in April 2016 on a 54.5-hectare area.

Al Ain Safari has become the preferred destination of safari lovers in the UAE and neighbouring countries, as they can enjoy watching wild animals and experiencing an atmosphere similar to the African nature.

“You can feed giraffes, have dinner next to lions and explore a diverse number of plants, trees and the large and small lakes that are similar to those in wild safaris in Africa,” Naser Saeed Al Mansouri, Senior Safari Officer tells Wam.

Visitors are accompanied by Emirati guides who convey their knowledge to safari lovers while touring on vehicles to provide an experience similar to African safaris.

These guides have completed courses in nature preservation, visited many international parks and reserves, and are capable of explaining the country’s endeavours in protecting the environment and endangered species, Al Mansouri explains.

He adds, “The park’s management has a strategic plan of launching of a nature conservation programme, which includes supporting research projects and following best international practices in protecting endangered species in desert environments.”

“The programme focusses on preserving species that live in arid regions, such as the Arabian Peninsula and Northeast Africa by creating appropriate breeding conditions to ensure their sustainability.

“Twenty-five percent of animals are threatened with extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Some of these animals can be found in our park, such as the addax and scimitar oryx.

“The park is also a haven for many migratory birds that benefit from its natural resources, such as its plants and lakes,” he concludes.

Dubai Gazette