As part of the ‘Happy Family’ activities

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Concludes the ‘Happiness Week’

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has concluded the ‘Happiness Week’ through ‘Happy Family’ initiative, which includes a range of interactive activities aiming for achieving the happiness of the employees. This initiative comes in line with the ‘Happiness Week’ national campaign, held from October 30 to November 3, 2016 in all government entities across UAE.

Moreover, the ‘Happy Family’ initiative includes a series of competitions and prizes, in addition to a daily raffle draw on smart devices awarded to the winners. Additionally, the happiness icon has been distributed to all the employees, as well as organized happy breakfast, which provide healthy food and displayed a movie highlights the importance of happiness as a positive human value to be promoted and deployed at the government work system.

Commenting on these efforts, H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General, said: ‘We work to enhance the happiness notion to become a part of the everyday work culture, in accordance with the senior leadership directives that happiness is a lifestyle and daily work. Our initiative is based on a simple equation centered on the fact that a happy employee would definitely lead to a happy customer, and consequently, a happy community, which is stipulated in the vision of our wise leadership for our beloved country.   Our approach on the subject is to develop our employees, empower them and build their capacities to achieve ultimate benefit of their skills for accomplishing the current and future goals, which is one of the aspects that make them happy employees for having an effective and essential role in serving their country.’

Furthermore, Mrs. Ahlam Al Feel, Happiness and Positivity CEO at TRA, and Director Corporate Communication said: “TRA’s internal system allows all the employees to have direct communication with each other and with the management through workshops and regular meetings to provide their feedback on all matters related to constant improvement of the work environment to achieve more happiness. Today, on the occasion of the national happiness week, we will continue to work to reach the intended results and indicators set for the next phase.“

The TRA also organized a workshop to all employees on “Happy Family” initiative; aimed at creating a working environment capable of excellence, through which Mrs. Ahlam Al Feel has explained the initiative and showcased a range of efforts to build and promote the culture of happiness, developing and spreading positive energies at the workplace and focusing on employees morale as an effective actor in achieving customer happiness.

The employee’s special targeted initiatives are accompanied with similar initiatives for customers, as the Customer Happiness Center has witnessed the provision of many comfort and entertainment facilities to provide the customer with a smarter and happier experience.

Dubai Gazette