Asian Grand Slam Boxing Championships will be held

By DG Staff

ABU DHABI 28 August 2020: The Asian Boxing Confederation’s Women’s Commission held a virtual meeting led by Chairwoman, Shelly Selowati H. Soejono of Indonesia.

Out of the 11 ASBC Women’s Commission members, seven joined the meeting. These were Rasha Khamis of Saudi Arabia, Dian Gomes of Sri Lanka, Azadeh Moghaddas of Iran, Arifa Bseiso of Jordan, Priti Bariya of India and You Pei Na of China.

Four members of the ASBC Executive Management also followed the discussions.

Ali Salameh, Executive Director of the Asian Boxing Confederation, and Bassam Ghanem, ASBC Administrative Director, were observers. Salameh opened the commission meeting delivering the regards and messages of the ASBC President, Anas Alotaiba, to the members.

The 2020 ASBC Boxing Calendar contained five competitions originally but due to the Covid-19 crisis only the ASBC Asian Grand Slam Boxing Championships will be held this year. The competition could be the only major Asian event in the year but members negotiated that the number of female boxers must be increased by 30 percent in the upcoming events from all regions of the continent, said Wam.

The ASBC Asian Women’s Commission agreed to conduct a webinar on 19th September, 2020, which will be the next educational programme for female boxing. Alotaiba’s great objective, the Gender Equality programme was also on the focus in terms of all aspects of women’s boxing to move ahead step by step.



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