Four different nations in Dubai badminton semis

By DG Staff

DUBAI 7 September 2020: The badminton men’s single semi-final of Dubai Sports Community Club’s Tournament will be a celebration of Dubai’s rich cultural and ethnic diversity with four players from four different nations flying their country’s flag.

The last-four bookings will see China’s Che Liang take on Pakistan’s Munzar Abdul Rahman in the first semis on Friday, September 11, while India’s Sachin Seth will meet Syria’s Mahmoud Taifour for the second spot in the final.

Seth made it the last four with a thrilling 15-11, 11-15, 15-6 win over China’s Zhou Wei on Friday, the opening day of the tournament at Dubai Sports World, Dubai World Trade Centre.

Taifour, meanwhile, made the grade defeating Nepal’s Sahil Chand 15-6, 15-5, while Abdul Rehman subdued Indonesia’s Chairul Rijal Hafidz 15-4, 15-4, and Che Liang prevailed 15-13, 15-13 over India’s James Varghese.

In the women’s single, 17-year old Tanisha Crasto – India’s top-ranked junior doubles player who has represented the country at the World Junior Badminton Championships – will open her campaign on Friday against UAE’s Bushra Mohammed Najjar. If she wins that match, Crasto will take on China’s Diana Wu, who defeated Yoshita Meher Ahmed of Sri Lanka 15-0, 15-2 in her opening match.

Busy Friday for India’s Crasto

Crasto will have a busy day on Friday because she will also feature in the women’s doubles semi-final, alongside Vidya Manghnani. Receiving a first round bye, the pair will take on the Sri Lankan duo of A Ashana Maith and CK Kakerideniya, who defeated Roudha Al Helli and Sarah Al-Jallaf of UAE in their opening match.

Crasto has also received a bye into the mixed double semi-finals alongside James Varghese, and the two will take on the Chinese pair of Che Liang and Diana Wu for a place in the final. The other semi-final will see Vicente Reyes and Len Maria of the Philippines face-off against the Nepalese pair Bikki Budha and Gyanu Maya Baral.

Being organised by Dubai Sports Council, the Dubai Sports Community Club’s Tournament features players and teams from 14 social clubs and communities of Dubai, including India Club, Pakistani Club, Jordanian Social Club, Sudanese Social Club, Egyptian Social Club, Filipino Social Club, the Lebanese Community, the Syrian Community, the Nepalese Community, the Sri Lankan Community, the American Community, the Indonesian Community, the Yemeni Community and the Chinese Community.

The tournament is seeing competition in four different sports – badminton, basketball, football and cricket – with matches being played on two Fridays – September 4 and 11.


Men’s Single 1st Round: James Varghese (India) beat Seiyadu M Maulana (Sri Lanka) 15-7, 15-5; Che Liang (China) beat Rajendra Singh Saud (Nepal) 15-3, 15-3; Munzar Abdul Rehman (Pakistan) beat Salah Al Faqeh (Yemen) 15-0, 15-2; Chairul Rijal Hafidz (Indonesia) beat Miguel Ribo (Philippines) 15-11, 15-5; Sachin Seth (India) GLTD Samarathilaka (Sri Lanka) 15-0, 15-2; Zhou Wei (China) beat Muhammad Ali Flamerzi (UAE) 15-8, 15-1; Sahil Chand (Nepal) beat Khurram Javed Butt (Pakistan) 15-5, 15-11; Mahmoud Taifour (Syria) beat Michael Nucop Shapcotte (Philippines) 9-15, 15-10, 15-6.

Men’s Single Quarterfinals: Sachin Seth (India) beat Zhou Wei (China) 15-11, 11-15, 15-6; Munzar Abdul Rehman (Pakistan) beat Chairul Rijal Hafidz (Indonesia) 15-4, 15-4; Che Liang (China) beat James Varghese (India) 15-13, 15-13; Mahmoud Taifour (Syria) beat Sahil Chand (Nepal) 15-6, 15-5.

Women’s Singles 1st Round: Diana Wu (China) beat Yoshita Meher Ahmed (Sri Lanka) 15-0, 15-2; Muna Tamang (Nepal) beat Roudha Al Helli (UAE) 15-0, 15-0; Jenni Escolar (Philippines) beat Shawq Hamid (UAE) 15-4, 15-4; Tanika Sequeira (India) beat Jean Lim (Philippines) 15-1, 15-0; Saniya Chand (Nepal) beat Sarah Al-Jallaf (UAE) 15-0, 15-0; Dima Khafaji (Syria) beat Mona Al Sahlawi (UAE) 15-8, 15-9; Kalaranjani Yisavalinga (Sri Lanka) beat Shaima Ahmed (UAE) 10-15, 15-13, 15-7; Tanisha Crasto (India) vs Bushra Mohammed Najjar (UAE).

Women’s Singles Quarterfinals: Tanika Sequeira (India) beat Saniya Chand (Nepal) 15-0, 15-3; Jenni Escolar (Philippines) beat Muna Tamang (Nepal) 15-4, 15-2; Tanisha Crasto (India) vs Diana Wu (China); Dima Khafaji (Syria) vs Kalaranjani Yisavalinga (Sri Lanka).

Men’s Doubles 1st Round: Rohith Haridas & Shibil CP (India) beat Basile Qasim Agha & Muhammad Al Khatib (Syria) 15-8, 15-4; Ricky Li & Van (China) beat Mahmoud Taifour & Tariq Al Najjar (Syria) 15-5 15-8; Michael Nucop Shapcotte & Vicente Reyes (Philippines) beat Bikki Budha & Shankar Bhusal (Nepal) 15-10, 15-13; Farrukh Iqbal Anjum & Munzar Abdul Rehman (Pakistan) beat Ahamed Ali Zeen & Seiyadu M Maulana (Sri Lanka) 15-3, 15-3.

Women’s Doubles 1st Round: A Ashana Maith & CK Kakerideniya (Sri Lanka) beat Roudha Al Helli & Sarah Al-Jallaf 15-0, 15-0; Tanisha Crasto & Vidya Manghnani (India) – bye; Gyanu Maya Baral & Saniya Chand – (Nepal) – bye; Gemma Pedrosa & Len Maria (Philippines) vs Bushra Mohammed Najjar & Mona Al Sahlawi (UAE).

Mixed Doubles 1st Round: Bikki Budha & Gyanu Maya Baral (Nepal) beat Mahmoud Taifour & Dima Khafaji (Syria) 15-7, 15-5; Che Liang & Diana Wu (China) beat Muhammad Ali Flamerzi & Roudha Al Helli (UAE) 15-0, 15-0; Vicente Reyes & Len Maria (Philippines) beat Ahamed Ali Zeen & Kalaranjani Yisavalinga (Sri Lanka) 15-1, 15-5; James Varghese & Tanisha Crasto (India) – bye.



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