Brit drifts to Barasati, floating airplane food cart, Falcon delivery

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 2 April 2019: The UAE news media woke up on yesterday to hear about a Brit who fell asleep on Palm Jumeirah in an inflated rubber ring and miraculously drifted down to Barasati in Jumeirah.

They also heard of Etihad Airways’s innovative food cart that floats to let passengers pass the narrow plane aisles and about Falcon – yes the bird – deliver of parcels from Namshi.

Many got taken in by the fantastic stories but a few did realise the date was 1st April — April Fool’s Day!

Here are the samples below:

Jebel Ali partygoer washed ashore at Barasati Beach

A partygoer this morning sailed into the famous Barasti Beach Bar on an inflatable rubber ring – after falling asleep on the ocean, over 30km away.

Brian Slade, a 32-year old IT Engineer from the UK was innocently enjoying the sunshine in Jebel Ali on Sunday afternoon when he decided to take a quick nap.

When Brian woke, night had fallen, and he had drifted far away from shore. It was only through sheer luck and a combination of the tides and winds that he landed safely at Barasti just as the sun came up this morning.

The IT engineer received a warm welcome from the shocked Barasti staff who were setting up for another day at the busy beach bar at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi in the Dubai Marina. Brian was offered a shower, a cup of strong tea and a full English breakfast – the classic Barasti welcome.

Brian Slade said: “I was clueless when I woke up as to what had happened – it was pitch black and I only wanted to have a quick nap in the sunshine.

“I just sat tight throughout the night and would occasionally see the odd light on the shore. The sight of Barasti as the sun came up is something I will never forget, and I can’t thank the staff enough for looking after me like they did.”

Introducing the Etihad Air-Cart

Ever been stuck in the aisle during meal service? Introducing the Etihad Air-Cart. This Innovative Air-Cart will ensure allowing our passengers to experience ease of access to the plane aisles anytime and from anywhere to stretch their legs. Never be stuck again.

Falcon Delivery from Namshi

Namshi, the ecommerce giant later clarified that it will NOT be delivering your packages using Falcons — but will partner with Emirates Nature -WWF to support the falcons, and many more!

In case you missed it, last week Namshi announced the launch of ‘The Falcon Express’, a new, faster delivery option promising to deliver packages within 3 hours of placing an order on 1st April 2019. As an April Fools’ treat and with 24-hour deliveries in the UAE, Namshi is offering 20% off site wide by using the code ‘FALCON’ until 3rd April, 2019.


Dubai Gazette