Next-gen bus shelters unveiled at Dubai hotspots

By DG Staff

DUBAI 7 June 2020: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has unveiled a new generation of bus shelters at four hotspots across the city.

These are the first batch under a plan for constructing 1,550 shelters for waiting passengers set to be constructed over the next three to four years.

  1. The first is located at a main bus stop nearby Satwa Roundabout (2nd of December Street), which is used by 750 riders per day.
  2. The second is located in a secondary bus stop at Burj Khalifa Boulevard (nearby the Boulevard Walk); which is used by 250-750 riders per day.
  3. The third is situated at a key stop at Al Mustaqbal Street (nearby Park Towers); which is used by 100 to 250 riders per day.
  4. The fourth is at a pick-up and drop-off stop on Al Mustaqbal Street at the back of Emirates Towers; which is used by 100 riders every day.

Part of shelters in main stops will be air-conditioned, and other parts will be shaded along with space for branding. Shelters will also have informational screens displaying bus network, timetable, service frequency and other information needed by bus riders. RTA has also provided spaces for parking bikes as well as ticket vending machines.

“The project is being undertaken in partnership with the private sector through Build–Operate–Transfer (BOT) model. The investor will cater to the funding of construction and operation of shelters, and share the proceeds of advertisements with the RTA under a 12-year contract.

Through this project, the RTA offers the private sector a long-term investment opportunity and the chance to develop smart and innovative services for users. It also diversifies the Authority’s revenues and serves the key objectives of the Public-Private Partnership. The RTA received six proposals from local and international investors, and four firms passed the technical and financial assessment,” said Mattar Al Tayer, RTA Director-General and Chairman.

“The new design of bus shelters is part of a package of vital projects…that bolster the image of Dubai as a perfect city for stable and safe living. The initiative is coherent with the vision of our leaders that calls for adopting the PPP model as a pivotal tool for stimulating the growth and development of Dubai.

“The new shelters serve the needs of highly populated areas of the emirate and cater to the current and future needs of public bus services. They feature a stylish modern design that forms a blend between a practical interior and dazzling exterior, besides utilising the constructional elements to serve and form part of the architectural design of shelters.

“The construction of shelters is part of RTA’s ongoing efforts to upgrade the public transport sector and set up a robust and integrated infrastructure to rely on. The overall aim is to serve the wellbeing of Dubai residents and make them happier through offering them, especially commuters, handy services during the scorching summer heat,” Al Tayer explained.

“The design of the new bus shelters conforms to the Dubai Code for People of Determination as they make room for wheelchairs and tracks for visually challenged individuals,” he added.



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