UAE cabinet orders study on WFH, job automation

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 1 June 2020: The UAE cabinet has ordered a study on communication-on-the-internet and job automation.

The aim is to develop applications and e-platforms that support remote learning and work-from-home (WFH) as also to create an ideal environment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)s.

The cabinet announced the formation of a team that will study ways of communicating over the internet and enable SMEs to develop related technologies and new ways of practising business, such as e-meetings and e-signatures, to establish e-platforms for reinforcing government operations and transactions. It will revise existing legislation and draft new laws that will support remote communication, said Wam.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, affirmed the UAE will continue to serve all and pursue its efforts to deliver its Centennial Plan 2071 which aims to make the UAE among the best countries in the world.

”The government has worked remotely with efficiency during the past months and today is completing its works from the field after the return of employees to work,” said His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid while chairing a virtual meeting of the UAE Cabinet today, on the first day of government employees’ return to work from offices.

Return to offices

”We discussed in our meeting the procedures for the return of employees to their offices and the future mechanisms of government work. Health will remain a priority. We have instructed officials to provide all means of safety and prevention and create a healthy environment for the safety of all,” His Highness added.

”UAE will go ahead and team work teams are required to perform with more flexible, comprehensive, and resilient approach to respond to rapidly daily changes,” he affirmed.

”We say to everyone… life continues, achievements are ongoing, and experience has made us stronger, better and faster. The coming phase requires us to have a new spirit, with different thinking and to work faster and with greater flexibility,” Sheikh tweeted.

life continues, achievements are ongoing, and experience has made us stronger, better and faster. The coming phase requires us to have a new spirit, with different thinking and to work faster and with greater flexibility.

Housing loans for youth

During its meeting, the UAE Cabinet approved several decisions and initiatives, including a youth awareness policy related to the fundamentals of housing construction, which will provide the youth with the necessary information about applying for a grant or loan from any relevant housing authority.

Concerning legislative affairs, the cabinet approved an amendment on a schedule related to charity organisations eligible for tax rebates, to ensure that they can fulfil their social and humanitarian duties without burdens, support needy people, and contribute to the overall community development.

With regard to organisational affairs, the cabinet ordered the launch of a study on government services and judicial services, and the formation of a team to improve government services, facilitate the provision of comprehensive e-services via digital channels and smart devices, and help simplify government services.

The cabinet also ordered the launch of a study on community culture, in light of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the formation of a team to identify the values, ethics and behaviour of citizens and residents, to address the current crisis and ensure positive media content, in line with the government’s current directives. It then announced the implementation of several cultural programmes through various communication channels, to promote positive behaviours and mental health within the community.

Volunteering System

Under the same framework, the cabinet approved a study on national opportunities, as well as the formation of a team in charge of establishing a comprehensive volunteering system for both citizens and residents, coordinating the national efforts to organise volunteer work, and monitoring the implementation of regulations related to volunteer work by relevant parties. It also aims to enhance the strategic coordination between government authorities and the cooperating between researchers and specialists in drafting effective government programmes to encourage correct behaviour.

The cabinet adopted a resolution to suspend administrative fines related to bank guarantees provided by media sector owners, as part of the government’s incentives to support the country’s economic development, and due to its keenness to improve economic competitiveness, support the country’s investment environment during the current crisis, and maintain the confidence of investors and the public in the national efforts to address the negative effects of the global pandemic.



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