Hijacker threatened to blow up Dubai-bound plane

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 26 February 2019: A gun-wielding hijacker of a plane bound for Dubai was shot dead by commandos in a movie-style raid on the hijacked plane.

Latest reports quoting passengers said he claimed to have a bomb and had threatened to blow up the plane..

Earlier reports said one of the passengers, speaking Bengali, managed to get on board the Biman airlines plane at Dhaka at 4:35 pm yesterday with a handgun. Mid-flight he tried to force his way into the cockpit while attempting to hijack the Boeing 737 plane.

The pilots quickly made an emergency landing at Chittagong airport in Bangladesh at 5:40 pm, where the plane was surrounded by military commandos.

The standoff began. The hijacker allowed all 143 passengers and seven crew members to leave the grounded airplane.

The hijacker had demanded to speak to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, reports said.

Commandos asked the suspect to surrender and after an exchange of fire, the hijacker was shot dead, said a military spokesman.

Dubai Gazette