For Dh100 know the history of car you’re buying

By Sheena Amos

DUBAI 8 JANUARY 2018: Now you can check the history of the second-hand car you are buying and make an informed decision with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) new ‘Vehicle Condition Certificate’ service which provides historical information about the vehicle.

It is intended to raise the awareness of car buyers and help them avoid fraudulent cases.

car status report

“The Vehicle Condition Certificate provides clients with essential detailed information available with the RTA about the vehicle condition such as the distance covered in kilometres, type and validity of insurance, impounding, type of vehicle, owner and condition during annual testing, and other relevant information,” said Sultan Al Marzooqi, Director of Vehicles Licensing, Licensing Agency, RTA.

“Such information can only be released upon the consent of the owner, which has to be confirmed to the RTA through a text message including a Pin Code. Upon fulfilling this requirement, the customer can avail the service by entering the chassis number of the used vehicle through RTA website ( The RTA will then inform the customer about the possibility of getting the vehicle details from the RTA for a fee of Dh100 per certificate.

“The service also covers imported used vehicles, thanks to an online link with some international firms such as the American Carfax and the European AUTO DNA for providing information about vehicles exported to the UAE from American, European and Asian countries.

“Accordingly, we can furnish interested clients with information about any vehicle imported from abroad, rather than not locally only, against additional fees. However, the RTA is not concerned with details of some vehicles which might not be available,” concluded Al Marzooqi.