Dubai First: Accused to now attend court trials from jail

By Sheena Amos

Dubai Police create ‘Remote Trial Room’

DUBAI 28 January 2019: A ‘Remote Trial Room’ has been inaugurated by the Dubai Police General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Investigation.

The Remote Trial Room allows the detainees to appear before the judge through video communication without having to be transferred to the courts.

Brigadier General Jamal Al Jallaf, Director General of Criminal Investigation Department, said that Dubai Police is always seeking to develop and organize smart technology tools to be an integral part of the work system.

Colonel Saeed Al Ayali, a director in the General Department of Criminal Investigation, said that the launch of the Trial Chamber comes in partnership with Dubai Courts and the Dispute Settlement Center in Dubai.

He pointed out that the previous steps required the transfer of the detainee the next day after arrest by a bus to the courts. This was required until the stage of the sentence and the return of the detainee through the bus to the jail.

But with the launch of the remote trial room, the accused can be presented to the judge through video communication.

He pointed out that the remote trial room reduces the time and effort from 8 hours to 10 minutes only.

Dubai Gazette