Dubai may have driver-less air taxi by end-2020

By Eudore R. Chand

Driverless air taxi being tested in Dubai

DUBAI 8 June 2019: Volocopter, the world’s first flying taxi, maybe coming to the sky sooner than many think, according to the Dubai Government Media Office.

“Officials from Germany’s Greentech festival expect Volocopter to be commercialized in places like Dubai, Singapore and Germany by the end of next year,” it added.

Volvocopter is not the only driver-less aerial taxi that has been tested in Dubai skies. Chinese firm eHang and Vimana are also in the running.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky Lab’s ‘Earth-2050: A glimpse into the future’ project, that has brought together experts and futurologists, visualizes Dubai as a leader in autonomous vehicles (cars, buses, trams, underground trains, water and air transport.


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