Dubai’s RTA awards contract for 554 hybrid taxis

Hybrid vehicles save 30% on consumption, carbon emissions

DUBAI 27 August 2017: A contract for procuring 554 environment-friendly hybrid vehicles, has been endorsed by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), board chaired by Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman.

These vehicles, which are fitted with a combination of fuel engine and electric motors, currently constitute about 11 per cent of the fleet of Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC). The move is part of a masterplan to curb pollution from vehicle exhausts and make vehicles friendly to the environment of Dubai. By the end of this year, the DTC targets to beef-up the proportion of hybrid vehicles to 17 per cent of its taxi fleet, which currently comprises 503 vehicles.

“RTA is committed to the Master Plan calling for curbing carbon emissions from the taxi sector by 2 per cent as required by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and the Green Economy initiative,” said Al Tayer.

“RTA is the first government entity in the region to experiment the operation of hybrid taxicabs from 2008 to 2011. Results of the experiment revealed that such vehicles had covered 550,000 kilometres without fault or requiring maintenance of major parts. Fuel efficiency reached 30 per cent and carbon emission dropped by 30 per cent as well,” explained Al Tayer.

RTA had endorsed a plan for converting 50 per cent of Dubai taxicabs into hybrid vehicles by 2021. The plan anticipated a rise in the number of hybrid vehicles in Dubai from 147 vehicles in 2015 to 791 in 2016, and further jump to 1,582 vehicles by 2017.

It forecasts an increase in the number of hybrid taxis to 2,375 vehicles by 2018, then to 3,167 vehicles by 2019, and continue to grow to 3,959 vehicles by 2020, and rise to as many as 4,750 vehicles by 2021.

The DTC is set to have the largest share of hybrid taxis in Dubai totalling 2,280 vehicles, followed by Cars (900 vehicles), National Taxi (812 vehicles), Arabia Taxi (463 vehicles), Metro Taxi (377 vehicles), and City Taxi (18 vehicles).

By Sheena Amos