Elderly foreman assaults Bangla worker he groped

By Lolyana Zaki

Worker took video of grope and refused to delete it

DUBAI 15 November 2017: An Egyptian foreman allegedly hit a worker with a wooden bar after the latter refused to delete a video recording of the foreman who molested him, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The 68-year-old foreman SA, assigned the worker ZT, 30, Bangladeshi, to move some stuff from the basement of a building under construction.

“He accompanied me and was watching me all the time. As I finished I stepped towards the entrance of the lift to go up. He stopped me and asked me to go up using the stairs. I argued that the stairs were unlit and there was no railing. However, as he insisted, I went to the stairs.

“While I was climbing the stairs, I noticed him behind me. He hugged me, groped my body and kissed me… I told him that was not a right thing to do… but he was consumed with lust… I was scared to push him away because of the stairs, and thought if we fought, we would be in danger,” the worker said.

Instead, the worker thought of recording the incident.


“I pulled my mobile phone from my pocket without him noticing me… I recorded what he did to me… As he noticed the light of the mobile, he moved away and asked me to delete the recording… I climbed the stairs and he was following me asking me to delete the recording,” said the victim.

The worker refused to do that and on the following day, the foreman was chasing him from one place to another and all the workers noticed that.

At around 9pm, as the worker did not listen to the foreman and refused to delete the recording, the foreman hit his head with a wooden bar.

When the worker was asked why the foreman attacked him, he told them the story and showed the recording.

Workers who witnessed the incident repeated corroborative testimonies.

The court will reconvene on December 6.