Youth Professional School open to all UAE residents

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 13 August 2019: The ‘Emirates Youth Professional School’, a Federal Youth Authority initiative was launched on Monday.

The announcement falls on International Youth Day, celebrated annually on 12th August.

Emirates Youth Professional School (EYPS), was launched to provide young individuals in the UAE with opportunities to improve their skills and career development opportunities, preparing them for the labour market through continious education. These upskill goals will be achieved through the provision of full-length professional courses and executive education programmes across various sectors via crowdsourcing instructors, teachers, experts and professionals in the UAE utilising an ‘uber-like model’.

Starts in November

The school will serve all youth in the UAE, aged 15-35, and will open its facilities and programmes in November 2019.

Shamma bint Suhail Faris Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, said, “The Emirates Youth Professional School provides a unique educational experience that bridges gaps between the conventional academic learning and the rapidly changing labour market.”

This institution will embrace vocational training as a means to further enhance skills obtained via academic training and meets with the future labour market, she added.

Crowdsourcing Model

According to the EYPS website, the school is based on a “sustainable and organic crowdsourcing model” that utilises a mix of practical and theoretical learning. It will partner with various institutions, experts and professionals around the world, giving UAE youth the opportunity to acquire necessary skillsets in the evolving knowledge economy.

Following the crowdsourcing model, EYPS aims to be the UAE’s largest school with its number of programmes, courses and partners.

Course offerings are based on the supply of knowledge offered by institutions and individuals, their participation, and their shared responsibility in building the capacities of young people in the UAE.

Dubai Gazette