UAE combats airborne epidemics in Yemen

By DG Staff

DUBAI 5 January 2020: The United Arab Emirates has launched an extensive campaign to combat epidemics in cities and districts across the Red Sea Coast of Yemen, within the framework of its emergency response programme in the country, and in response to calls for help made by concerned Yemeni authorities.

Hospitals in areas including Mokha, Taiz, Al Duraimi and Al Hodeidah were provided with large quantities of medicines to treat people struck with diseases including dengue, malaria and Acute Watery Diarrhea. A campaign which saw the spraying of insecticides to control mosquitos and disease-carrying insects was also carried out in the region.

Local government and hospital officials said the UAE’s response has contributed to saving hundreds of lives, thanking the UAE leadership, government and people for their sincere support of the Yemeni people.

Dubai Gazette