Falcon Eye (-in-the-sky) satellite launch delayed

By Eudore R. Chand

ABU DHABIn 6 July 2019: The Ariane Space company has decided to delay the launch of satellite “Falcon Eye 1” due to bad weather conditions, and high winds over the French Guiana Space Centre.

The launch from the north Atlantic coast of South America will now be onl Monday 8th July at 05:53:03 am UAE time.

The UAE has completed all preparations for the launch of the satellite to orbit, which was scheduled on Saturday, 6th July, and has taken four years to be ready, going through several stages, said Wam.

The satellite is designed to provide global coverage for the next 10 years for military and civilian use and is characterised by a high-definition imaging system and accuracy. It also has a mobile station capable of sending and receiving images from any region in the world.

Dubai Gazette