Filipina cons out-of-work colleague out of Dh80,000 

claimed to offer him and friends jobs

DUBAI 7 August 2017: A Filipina and a fugitive allegedly conned an ex-colleague out of Dh80,000 after claiming that she will easily find him and his friends and relatives jobs in a manpower supply company, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

KR, 30, from Cameroon, worked in a restaurant in Abu Dhabi. After two years, Filipina JA, 22, joined the restaurant as a clerk.

In February 2016, the restaurant management terminated the services of the Cameroonian.

After nine months, the Filipina called her ex-colleague asking about him.

“I told her that I did not find a job and was still looking. She offered to find me a job in a manpower company saying that she has connections including a senior Emirati woman ‘Fatima’ n that company. She said I can apply also for friends and relatives as well. She asked for Dh4,000 per visa,” said the victim.

The Cameroonian informed friends and relatives and 20 of them accepted to take jobs in the UAE and so they sent him a total of Dh80,000.

“I sent the Filipina a total of Dh38,000 on different occasions through a money exchange company. I also sent her passport photocopies on her email address,” he said.

The Filipina asked her ex-colleague to wait for some time for the issuance of labour contracts and visas.

Later in the same month, the victim met his ex-colleague on Sheikh Zayed Road and handed in cash Dh20,000 and she also handed me a big pile of photocopies of labour contracts from the ministry of Emiratisation and Human Resources, he said.

A couple of days later, the woman asked him to come to Abu Dhabi to meet the so called Fatima for an interview and to pay the remaining amount.

“I went there and my ex-colleague received me and told me that I cannot meet Fatima because she is very busy and asked for the amount. I paid her the remaining Dh22,000 and left the place. I was told Fatima would meet me on another day. But as this day never came and as I did not get the job nor any of my friends, I lodged a complaint and found out that the labour contracts were all forged,” testified the victim.

The accused admitted to receiving only Dh38,000 from the victim against labour contracts.

She was accused of forging photocopies of 20 labour offers of the Ministry of Emiratisation and Human Resources and 14 visas of Dubai Residency and Foreigners Affairs Department.

By Lolyana Zaki