Filipino cons woman… did he think he won’t be caught?

took Dh8,000 and stopped answering calls

DUBAI 27 August 2017: A Filipino conned an Austrian woman out of Dh8,000 by forging a residence visa for her six-year-old daughter.

The Dubai Criminal Court will decide the case today.

KB, 26, marketing executive met Filipino investor, JC, 28, in January through a mutual friend. JC told her that he can help her issue her daughter a residence visa and claimed knowing employees in the Residency and Foreigners Affairs department.

JC asked the woman for Dh8,000 for the service.

“I paid him the amount in three installments and he issued me receipts. In March, he sent me via WhatsApp a copy of the residence permit. He asked me to travel with her daughter outside the country and re-enter to get the residency stamped on the passport. After that he stopped answering my calls, so I informed the police,” testified the woman.

It was found out that the photocopy of the residency sent to the woman was forged.

Police arrested the Filipino and he admitted to forging the document and receiving Dh8,000 from the woman.

The court will give its verdict on August 27.

By Lolyana Zaki

Dubai Gazette