Get reply to your Labour Court email in half-an-hour

send your emails to

DUBAI 26 July 2017: The Labour Section at Dubai Courts launched “email in half an hour” initiative aiming at facilitating the general public, lawyers and experts and labour court clients.

Those who have queries, notices, complaints and suggestions related to labour issues can sent their emails to:

Also those who need to follow up labour cases with the section can do that without the need to visit Dubai Courts.

Abdul Rahman Hassan Mattar Head of the Cases Section will personally reply to the emails that would be sent to this address within half an hour from the receiving each one within the official working hours.

This is why the initiative was given ‘email in half an hour’ title.

“The initiative aims at opening addition communication initiatives to the public with the Labour Cases Section. It will help reduce pressure at the Labour services hall, reduce number of its visitors,” he noted.

The initiative was started early this month, and since then, tens of emails have been sent and answered back.

By Lolyana Zaki