Greece is new residency choice for expats living in UAE

DUBAI 4 December 2018: Greece is emerging as a popular residency choice for UAE expats.

According to at least one UAE-based immigration law firm, Ardalan & Company, Greece’s ‘golden visa’ is the most sought after visa – – especially from expats who hold Middle Eastern passports – because of the many benefits it offers and the relative ease of access in comparison to many other European residency visas.

European residency visas are notoriously difficult for residents of the UAE and Middle East to achieve due to limitations imposed by the EU on those with passports from the Middle East.

The Greek system allows high earners with money to invest in Greek property, businesses and government bonds to apply successfully for a visa in the country. Once granted, UAE residents can then roam and travel to other European countries as part of the Schengen agreement which allows free movement between EU countries.

Many Privileges

Although they may not technically receive a Greek passport, the residency visa means they can then enjoy the many other privileges associated with EU Citizenship such as opening bank accounts, national insurance and sending their children to school. These privileges are also extended to all members of the family allowing them to enjoy a comfortable and high standard of living.

This service is mostly requested by Middle Eastern clients who are from countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. These countries typically have a low success rate when applying for European visas due to restrictions imposed by the EU on passports of this origin.

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