Heavy winds, rain lash UAE amid police warnings

By Rajive Singh

DUBAI 4 February 2019: Strong winds and heavy rains lashed the UAE yesterday, bringing the mercury down.

Strong winds will continue today. The National Centre of Meteorology, warned sea-goers in the Sea of Oman that fresh winds with a 50 km/h speed will be affecting the waters. It said that wave heights will be between 4 to 6 feet peaking up to 8 feet until 3 am Monday morning.

Several accidents were reported that led to the slowdown in traffic such as along Al Ain Road and Dubai Eye Road.

Global Village in Dubai was closed due to inclement weather/ It is scheduled to open today. “Due to prevailing weather conditions, and in order to ensure the comfort of our guests, Global Village will not be opening its gates today, Sunday February 3. Doors will be open again tomorrow, Monday February 4, for families and ladies day starting 4pm,” said a statement.

Dubai Police warned residents to be careful while driving in the rain and gusting winds.

Heavy rain on Jebel Ali areas, please be extra cautious. Heavy rain on Sheikh Zayed Road towards Seih Shuaib coming from Abu Dhabi, please be extra cautious, said the police.

“Please use caution on the roads due to reduced horizontal visibility due to dust and rain,” it added.

Dubai Police also cautioned drivers over ‘hydroplaning’ when vehicles can slide on the wet roads.

“Dear drivers, reduce speed during heavy rain to avoid any hydroplaning. Always try to ease the speed during the rain to avoid the sudden sliding,” it said.

In Hatta, the possibility of flash floods was emphasised by the police.

Hatta police station stressed the need to move away from water collection sites and runoffs in valleys, with the increasing rainfall and high wind for fear of being swept away.

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