Illegal Immigrant: Man hidden under truck’s engine arrested in UAE

Abu Dhabi Customs officials foiled an illegal immigration attempt at Mezyad Customs Centre to enter the country without legal documents.

The officials in Mezyad Customs Centre suspected an Arab driver travelling into the Emirate while carrying out customs procedures. The officials subjected the truck to further inspection by conducting a manual search and also utilising modern detectors, and found an illegal immigrant hidden under the engine cover without identification papers.

The officials transferred both the driver and illegal immigrant to the concerned authorities to take all necessary legal actions.

Commenting on the two incidents, Mohamed Khadem Al Hameli, Acting Director General of the General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi said the preparedness and alertness of customs officials, and stressed their skills in detecting suspicious vehicles and followed up to make sure to transfer the illegal immigrants to the concerned authorities.

Al Hameli said: “Illegal immigrants present one of the most dangerous operations that negatively affect our community. The UAE with its social and economic development possesses a legal framework that is formulated to protect the country from those seeking to work illegally which could increase the threat of crimes like assault, theft and even murder.”

Al Hameli added: “The Abu Dhabi Customs officials foiled 25 illegal immigration attempts across Abu Dhabi customs centres in the first half of 2016, stopping 28 people of different nationalities from entering or exiting the country illegally.”

Al Hameli highlighted that the procedures taken against illegal immigrants and its partners have become stricter and more severe. This reflects the keenness of our wise leadership to take all measures to reduce the illegal immigrants’ negative impact on society.

The General Administration of Customs – Abu Dhabi ensures easing the passengers and cargo traffic in all customs centres and implements the latest system and devices in customs work and radiation detection devices for trucks, passenger vehicles and baggage. This in turn increases the efficiency of customs inspection operations.