Justice: Predator who blackmailed, extorted and raped brothers, gets 10 years

predator to be deported

DUBAI 14 August 2017: A Pakistani farmer was convicted of sodomising two brothers, and threatening them with posting their naked pictures and videos on social media to ensure their submission. He was awarded ten years in jail.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance also ordered MA, 34, to be deported after serving his jail sentence.

MA, was also found guilty of blackmailing the two brothers to give him money against not posting their videos.

According to the records, the elder boy, RA, 16-year-old student, first met the accused in his residential area in Al Rashidiya and the two exchanged their mobile numbers.

They starting talking on the mobile until one day MA asked the boy to go with him in his car.

Simple Ride

“I got into his car which he parked at a neighbourhood park behind our house. In the car he asked me to offer him sex but I refused. Then he offered to pay me Dh20 against that I also refused… then he claimed that he knows sheikhs and that he would put me in a case.. he also threatened to taking me to his friends who all would sodomise me. On that day he let me go but he continued calling and threatening me… I got scared oand I went to meet him and at the par. He sodomised me. He did that several times near Mushrif Park. Every time he used to pay me Dh30–Dh40 and took pictures and videos while I was naked,” testified the victim.

The accused asked the boy to take naked pictures of his younger brother.

RA went to his brother and asked him to allow him take naked pictures of him.

The 12-year-old HA refused that but as his elder brother offered him Dh5 he accepted.

Younger Brother

RA sent the pictures to the accused and told his brother that he did that by mistake.

After that, the accused asked the elder boy to bring him his younger brother.

“As he arrived at the park, I accompanied my brother to MA’s car, left him with him and came back home. After sometime, my brother returned and he looked normal. I asked him if MA did anything with him, he replied negatively,” testified the elder boy.

In that meeting in December 2016, the accused asked the younger boy for sex, but as he refused he threatened him with the naked pictures in his possesion.

“I asked him to delete the pictures, which my brother sent him by mistake, but he threatened me of posting the pictures on Facebook and to my father, and will take me to his friends to sodomise me forcibly, if I refused to offer him sex. I agreed to offer him sex against deleting the pictures. He deleted only three pictures and agreed to meet on the following day at the same time,” testified the younger boy.

The younger boy told his elder brother about what happened with MA. The elder boy promised that he will sort out the problem with MA.

On the following day, however, MA, called the younger boy and asked him to come to their parking of the park.


“I went there and he started threatening me while he was driving to Al Khawaneej area. He stopped the car between trees and we on the sand he sodomised me after beating me up and threatening me. Then he drove me back home. I told my brother what happened and he kept silent. He did that to me four to five times before he started asking me to bring him money. I stole a total of Dh1,500 from my father’s wallet on two occasions and gave him the money,” said the boy.

The crime came to light when the father noticed the missing of the money from his wallet.

The younger son admitted to stealing money, to whom he gave and for what reason.

Dad Learns

The father learnt from his elder son that MA had also sodomised him several times.

The father accompanied his two sons to the police station and lodged a complaint against MA who sodomised his two sons under threats and stole Dh1,500 from him through his son.

Police arrested MA and confiscated in his mobile naked pictures and videos of the two boys.

The accused admitted before investigators that he sodomised the two boys under threat.

By Lolyana Zaki