Key changes made in e-visas for travel to India

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 8 October 2019: The Government of India has liberalized the e-visa regime reducing fess in some categories and increasing validity in others.

According to the Indian mission in the UAE, he following changes have been made in the validity period and fees of e-visas to India:

i) A short duration e-visa for tourists, with one-month validity with visa fees of US$25 has been introduced.

ii) E-visa fees of US$25 would be reduced to US$10 during the period April – June.

iii) Validity of the regular e-visa with fee of US$80 has been increased from current permissible 1 year to 5 years with multiple entry.

iv) Fee for one-month e-tourist visa has been reduced from US$80 to US$40.

All traveling and applying for e-visa to India, may kindly make note of the above changes and benefit from the liberalization scheme of e-visa fees, the Indian consulate in Dubai said.

Dubai Gazette