Majed Balushi overcomes crutches and walks again

By Eudore R. Chand

DUBAI 11 December 2018: Nine-year old Majed Balushi overcame a major disability that would not allow him to walk without crutches – until the miracle happened.

He suffered from severe stiffness in the bones that made it impossible for him to walk on his feet without help.

Dubai Police heard of his ailment and visited him at home before the recent month-long Dubai Fitness Challenge. They agreed to supervise Majed’s physiotherapy and exercises for the month. This raised the boy’s level of determination and positive energy.

The child, Majed Yousef Al Balushi, is a success story that surprised his doctor, who was planning to undertake corrective surgery. Following the month-long therapy, the doctor was surprised to see Majed walking on his feet without the help of any crutches.

Majed’s mother was thrilled.

Majed was honoured by Maj. Gen. Ahmed Mohammed bin Thani, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Ports Affairs, and Major General Mohammed Saeed Bakhit, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Community Welfare and Equipment, Dubai Fitness.

Majed’s mother said her son suffered from difficulty in moving. He required specialized exercises and had to go see a doctor every 6 months for a comprehensive examination to ascertain whether he needed to undergo special surgery or not yet.

Surgery Needed

She pointed out that a recent review of the doctor confirmed the need for surgery.

“Constant reviews of the doctor and hard exercise, caused my child to collapse with fatigue. But the family requested Dubai Police to involve the child in the exercises and events during the Fitness Challenge month.”

She said Dubai Police “responded to the request and came to the house and supervised exercises with my child in an atmosphere of happiness and joy. He loved the interaction and pressed on improving his ability to walk”.

“I thank Dubai Police for their efforts to strengthen my child’s confidence, his strong desire to exercise and improve his health,” she added.

Dubai Gazette