Ministry of Finance launches eDebit service for the first time in the UAE

In line with its innovative initiatives, the Ministry of Finance (MoF), in partnership with National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), launched eDebit today. This new e-Dirham service allows payment of service fees and purchases through direct debit from the customers’ bank accounts. eDirect service that allows topping up of eD-Wallet balance directly from the user’s bank account was also initiated.

During its participation in Gitex Technology Week 2016, the Ministry also launched e-Dirham’s new partnership with the private sector to increase the number of self-service e-kiosks across the country.

The e-kiosks distributed across the UAE enable users to obtain new e-Dirham cards, top them up, issue e-Dirham paper vouchers, inquire about the cards’ credit, access transaction data, and pay utility and telecommunications bills. These kiosks serve as additional channels for service payments and can be found in 630 locations including shopping centres in various emirates.

Saeed Rashid Al Yateem, Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Budget at the MoF, said: “One of the strategic objectives of the Ministry is to increase the efficiency of the federal government’s financial work systems. And in addition to the advantages of the new services, the use of e-Dirham system ensures providing individuals, institutions and corporate clients with an integrated smart payment and revenue collection solutions that speed up payment and collection processes, improve resource management productivity, enhance quality of service, reduce cost, as well as assist to regulate and monitor financial flows and data management. ”

Al Yateem highlighted the benefits of direct transfers between the bank accounts of e-Dirham system partners.

“The upgrades adopted by e-Dirham, especially in terms of smart payment via mobile device platforms, require updated procedures and ways to complete payment transactions that provide ease and convenience. We will continue to invest in strengthening the system’s capabilities and in updating its infrastructure to ensure transition to the next level of consistency,” Al Yateem added.

The e-Dirham system enables users to make online payment for more than 5,000 government services, under federal ministries, departments and local authorities, which are available through various channels including eD-Wallet, or via direct debit from bank accounts after the launch of the new services.

Saif Al Shehhi, Senior Managing Director – UAE Government and VVIP Clients at NBAD, said: “We recognise that innovation, continuous learning, enhancement of communication, and exchange of knowledge as well as experiences play key roles for growth and progress. These are integral part of our participation in the current Gitex Technology Week. Such events help us to better understand the evolving needs of our customers. Launching e-Dirham’s new products and services enhances the range of solutions provided by this leading government initiative for smart payment solutions.”

“A recent study reveals that 59 per cent of consumers in the UAE prefer making payments via mobile phones, making them the most commonly used device for payment transactions in the country. The continued upgrading of systems and procedures of the e-Dirham system helps to maintain its position as the preferred mode of payment for government and private sector services,” Al Shehhi added.