Now ‘power’ your home on sunshine with this low-priced kit

By Sheena Amos

ABU DHABI 17 January 2019: Masdar has launched the ‘Noor’ solar home system solution, which can power your home with the plentiful sunshine available in the UAE.

Masdar says the kit will be useful in off-grid communities around the world.

Masdar, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, branded kits named “Noor” consist of a fully integrated ‘plug and play’ solar energy supply and storage unit. The technology can supply reliable electricity with no adverse environmental impact, and will be used to power various electrical systems including lighting, fans, refrigerators and televisions.

To date, Masdar’s Energy Services division has successfully installed nearly 28,000 customised solar home systems in Morocco, Afghanistan, Egypt, and the Pacific Islands.

See it on Display

The Noor kit will be on display at the Masdar stand throughout Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, one of the largest sustainability gatherings in the world, which is taking place from January 12-19 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

Bader Al Lamki, Executive Director, Clean Energy, Masdar, said: “Solar home kits have the potential to deliver a radical improvement in the quality of life in rural areas that currently lack modern energy services. Masdar will now be more agile in responding to the needs of our partners and host countries, especially in terms of providing emergency relief, such as energy access in housing developments urgently needed for displaced communities.”

“Masdar is already one of the largest providers of off-grid energy solutions,” added Al Lamki. “Our Noor kits will allow us to further expand our international footprint and strengthen our position as a leading off-grid renewable energy provider.”


The solar energy storage systems, equipped with high-performance solar batteries, will provide a cost-effective and sustainable source of electrical power.

Masdar has already provided around 20,000 solar home systems to more than 1,000 rural villages in Morocco without access to the national grid, while in Afghanistan, the company installed solar home systems in more than two dozen villages in the southern Helmand Province, helping to connect more than 3,000 people. The installations included 545 homes and 55 public buildings, such as schools, mosques and clinics. The systems power basic appliances like refrigerators, televisions, cooling fans and lights.

Masdar has also deployed standalone off-grid solar home systems in rural Egypt. The 7,000 systems, each consisting of solar panels, batteries with up to 48 hours’ storage capacity and lighting units, were provided to homes, mosques, clinics, schools and community centres. Further projects have been undertaken in the Pacific Islands and Colombia.

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