Have you seen the glowing kerb in Abu Dhabi?

By Sheena Amos

ABU DHABI 12 January 2018: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has accomplished the illuminated kerbstone trial project at Al Mina.

It was constructed by Capital of Construction for General Contracting Company at its own expenses, as part of the Year of Giving initiative.

ADM avails the opportunity to companies and individuals to take part in these initiatives to boost the principles of social responsibility.

These pavements are completely insulated against water, and are heat resistant. Their lighting cables are invisible from outside. They will be covered by cement mortar and will not pose any risk to pedestrians.

The municipality says that it is working tirelessly on development projects with the aim of matching to the undergoing development and making mega achievements to showcase the civilised outlook of Abu Dhabi as well as providing convenient settings for citizens, residents and visitors.

These pavements are environment-friendly as they are fully recyclable and cost-effective in power consumption (use LED system). They will reduce the reliance on the traditional kerbstones of cement; which is considered the second most polluting industry emitting carbon dioxide. The illuminated pavements are light in weight besides that they reduce the reliance on concrete pavements, the intensive use of machinery to transport and fix them and the chances of making accidents at sites.

They are also characterised by their high flexibility in construction as they can be installed through several methods, depending on the nature of the place, traffic congestion and the use of the facility.