Shadow figure lurks inside empty historical castle

Couple spots what looked like a sinister shape

A British man has revealed an image showing a shadowy figure prowling an 800-year-old castle – despite the ruins apparently being empty of visitors.

lun Glen, 42, arrived at Kidwelly Castle in Wales with his wife Tara Williams at closing time but the two ground-keepers were kind enough to leave the landmark open for them to have a quick look around.

After 10 minutes inside with the castle to themselves, the couple left and wandered down the single path entrance to meet the custodians – before turning and taking a final photo of the site.

“It was only later when they were looking through their snaps that they spotted what looked like the sinister shape of a person peering out of the large wooden door,” the British Daily Express newspaper said.

However, Glen claims seconds later the staff went back up the path and locked the door – meaning if the figure was a real person they would have been trapped in the ruins all night.

“I’m a skeptic about this sort of thing anyway and I didn’t notice anything when we took the photograph but the moment I put it on the laptop we spotted it. We were in a camper van touring up the coastline when we decided to visit the castle,” Glen said.

“We went to the office and the custodians said they were closing as it was 5pm but we explained we had driven there and asked for a quick look around, which they kindly let us do. “We had a quick peak and took a few pictures inside. As we left Tara took one last picture of the entrance of the castle.

“The two custodians were standing right next to us. After we took the picture they said goodbye and we watched them walk up the path to lock the door. No one came out.

“The walls are 20-30 feet high so no one could have got in by another route. And we had just been inside – there was no one in there at all. Even the custodians stayed outside and watched at the gate for us while we went round.

“So it was quite a shock when we looked at the picture later and saw the figure. Tara spotted it and called me over saying ‘look at this.”

He said the couple zoomed in as much as they could but they couldn’t make out anything of them properly except the shape.

“I hope someone with better software might be able to figure out more from the shape.

“It looks like the proper outline of a person but I can’t make out any features. It is just like a shadow on the wall. I couldn’t explain it…The only thing I could think was someone had sneaked in there but they would have been locked in there all night as we were the only four people that walked away,” he said.

“I am always looking for the logical explanation and I would need a lot to prove [it’s paranormal]. But I would be very excited if someone could prove otherwise.

“People believe what they see. I would love to know if something else was out there. But they would need to prove it to me. I’m not saying if it is or it isn’t [something paranormal]. I’m hoping someone can offer their thoughts on it either way.

“It would be nice for someone to say it can’t be explained. That would be good. But it would be nice to know what it is either way.”

The paper said Dr Ciaran O’Keefe, a psychologist who specialises in parapsychology and testing paranormal claimants, has scrutinized the picture.

“My first reaction when someone says there was no one there when they took the picture is that they may not have been focusing on that particular area.,” Dr O’Keefe said.