Sharjah government offices are now fully open

By DG Staff


SHARJAH 19 July 2020: Dr. Tariq Sultan bin Khadem, Member of the Sharjah Executive Council and Chairman of the Sharjah Human Resources Directorate (SHRD), said that 100% of Sharjah Government employees will return on Sunday, July 19, to their workplaces.

He appreciated the tremendous efforts all the employees in different entities and institutions, lauding the team spirit which contributed in enabling the emirate to overcome this crisis with complete flexibility.

He added that the entities and department have received circulars of required preparations and precautionary measures to welcome back the employees, said Wam.

Bin Khadem praised the success in applying remote working.

The Chairman of the Sharjah Human Resources Directorate stressed the importance of taking all the necessary health precautions and complying with social distancing rules among employees, in compliance with safety rules and procedures, to ensure the safety of employees.

He underlined the importance of commitment by all parties to strictly implement all precautionary measures that ensure public safety, aiming to prevent the spread of this global epidemic.



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