Sharjah schools cannot arbitrarily hike fees

Hike must meet pre-conditions: Officials

Schools in the Sharjah are not allowed to arbitrarily increase tuition fee, said the Sharjah Educational Zone authorities.

Responding to media reports referring to parents’ concern over the surprise increase of fee by a prominent private school in the emirate after the summer break, Sharjah Media Centre (SMC), quoting Sharjah Educational Zone (SEZ) said that increase in tuition fee by schools in the emirate is approved by the authorities only if they meet certain conditions such as development of school infrastructure, the level of administrative, teaching and technical staff and the educational and social services provided by the school.

The implementation of these conditions by schools is strictly ensured and monitored with regular visits by supervisory committee of the Sharjah Educational Zone and the Education Ministry. Wherever these criteria are not met and the fee hike is considered unjustified, action is initiated by the concerned authorities, said SMC, the media and communication arm of the Sharjah government.

Similarly, schools could invite penalties including fines if they arbitrarily raise bus fee without the necessary approval of the Sharjah Educational Zone and the Ministry, warned the SEZ officials.

Meanwhile, according to SEZ data, the number of schools in the Emirate has gone up to 232, including 125 public schools and 102 private schools. The new academic year saw the addition of five new private schools.

With the beginning of new academic year, the SEZ has stepped up its efforts to implement the Education Ministry’s plans for healthy educational practices in all Sharjah schools in order to create a positive educational environment in the Emirate.

The SEZ has directed its teams to focus specially on the development of Arabic syllabus and material, working with schools that demonstrate lack of seriousness and interest in these materials. During their regular interaction with schools, the SEZ authorities have also been emphasising the need for supervisors to accompany all buses and training them how to deal with students in different daily situations.

Schools have also been told to strictly adhere to gender segregation in buses and not allow male supervisors on girls’ buses. The SEZ has also been working with schools to ensure school bus drivers drive carefully and avoid accidents and mishaps. Steps are also in place to ensure discipline and order in the emirate’s schools avoiding situations that could potentially lead to violence among students or between students and teachers so as there is no violence.