Sharjah taps into value systems of preschoolers at SIBF 2016

Sowing seeds early on to establish Sharjah as UAE’s ‘sustainable cultural capital’ through innovative activities

Sharjah’s relentless pursuit in developing the emirate’s younger generations into dignified future leaders of the world, upholding the values and rich cultural heritage of their nation, is a central theme linking numerous activities, workshops and discussion forums that have been organised to feature in the 11-day Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) 2016.

The ‘Programme on Instilling Values’, an educational and awareness session for children organised on the first day of the fair, put together a series of creative activities for 35 preschoolers and Grade 1 kids from the Childcare Center, University of Sharjah, and nine teachers at the center. Moderated by guest, Mariam Ibrahim Al Qaseer from the Department of Social Services, the important values of respect, humility, caution, mindfulness and other essential community values were discussed in entertaining ways.

Built on real-life situations, catchy and innovative storytelling sessions, poetry recitation, and interactive Q&A sessions with the young participants were organised to share with them the correct concepts of values.
Various questions testing the children’s basic thoughts and viewpoints were asked, and in friendly and creative ways they were taught to love and respect their parents always. Subsequently, the venue reverberated with cheerful tunes of songs the kids sang, and recited poems with invaluable moral messages.

To end the programme on a colourful note, a sketching and colouring corner was organised for all young participants.

Sharjah’s 35th edition of its International Book Fair received a grand opening today at the Expo Centre, Sharjah, with more than 1650 publishers in attendance representing over 60 countries. Having established itself as the third largest book fair in the world and the most prestigious in the Arab region, the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), has evolved tremendously over the past 34 years of its running.

Dubai Gazette