Start the New Year with these fitness trends

By Adriana de Caires

DUBAI 2 January 2019: There is nothing more annoying than not being able to fit into your favourite pair of jeans. You had an amazing month-long festive binge session – from the Christmas puddings to the copious amounts of chocolates – but now your body is paying the price.

To help us snapback into shape and get on the healthy lifestyle wagon, here are top fitness trends for 2020 to start the new year off right:

Come together with music therapy: Relax your body and soul whilst enjoying peace and harmony with yourself and all around with Kundalini yoga. Indulge in the therapeutic atmosphere which occurs as a live acoustic guitar plays in the background and your mind and body develop through movement, expression and longevity. In addition to physical fitness development through core strengthening, alignment lengthening training and meditation, Kundalini yoga helps in countering stress, liberating creativity and relieving the central nervous system to gain vitality.

Come to conquer as you find your inner acrobat: While pole dancing requires a vertical pole attached to the ground, Aerial Art, on the other hand, offers you a seat on the moon as it incorporates the use of hanging equipment such as silks (long pieces of fabric) and hoops.

It might be seen more like a circus act than dance or exercise, but hey, that’s exactly what it is! The silk hammock acts as a swing to help suspend the body above the ground and allows for an extended aerial silk movement. Tone your body and mind to lift, twist, flip, grip and turn in this beautiful, athletic art form.

Come to feel the burn with your group: This is perfect for anyone who would rather work out in a group setting. Feel the energy in your surroundings and let your competitive side shine through the crowd. Group Exercise also known as GX allows you to work out as a team while having your trainer push you and the group to the limits, encouraging one another to provide maximum effort.

Come to ride in a digitally created world: Lose yourself in 40-minutes of immersive indoor cycling classes, guaranteed to stimulate the senses and evoke motivation like never before

Come to fight at the newest BootKamp: It’s time to find your maximum burn zone and then burn some more. BootKamp reveals a whole new level of fitness with even more intensive workouts. As you run, climb, row, ski, lift or crunch, you will experience every aspect of training at every level.

These exercises do not only put you in the right shape physically but also help you release your frustrations often created by the daily stresses of the world.

Note: The author is Head of The Arena at the newly opened 65,000 sq. ft fitness and wellness facility on Sheikh Zayed Road, StudioRepublik.


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