Romeo demands one-night-stand… refused, insulted he hits woman

Follows the woman and her friend in to a mall

DUBAI 1 June 2017: An Algerian allegedly molested a woman in a shopping mall after she insulted him when he asked for sex, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On January 8 at around 11pm SR, 43, Bahraini assistant lawyer was heading to Deira City Centre with her friend AA when a man called on her saying: “May you please… may you please.”

“I did not give him attention until he called me “sister”. I turned to him to ask him what he wanted… he said that he wanted to meet me and have sex with me… I got very upset and I took off one shoe and bent and picked it up pointing it at him. He abused me and all Arabs with dirty words. I shouted at him to draw attention of passers-by. Although there were many around, but none intervened. He got scared and walked away,” testified the victim.

The two women entered the shopping mall and all of a sudden the victim received a very strong hit on her lower back part. She turned around to see the same man who had asked her for sex outside the mall.

“It cannot be a hit by his hand… it was harder than just a fist or palm… I think he hit me twice with his mobile phone. As he continued walking, I shouted at him and asked him to turn back if he was a man… he turned and I recorded him on my mobile phone. As he noticed what I did, he ran away and I called the police,” testified the woman.

Police arrested MB, 28, visitor and found out that he had a criminal record.

The victim and her friend recognized him when shown via identification parade.

The court will give verdict on July 18.

By Lolyana Zaki