Trio show how easy it was to steal a million dollars

By Lolyana Zaki

DUBAI 26 February 2017: Two allegedly conned a petroleum derivatives dealer and stole from him Dh3.1 million, the Dubai Criminal Court head.

The dealer, AT, 42, Indian received a phone call from a man in India telling him about people who sell petroleum derivatives.

AT contacted them and agreed with them on a deal and to meet on September 12 and show proof of his financial capability.

“I managed to raise Dh3.67m and headed to meet the dealers in their car in Port Saeed area. I sat in the back seat and NJ asked me to show him the amount after a little chat with the two. Other two were sitting in the front seats. While I showed him the last bundle of the amount, NJ assaulted me and kicked me out of the car. I could hold on to some of the money when I fell on the street as they drove away,” said the victim.

The victim lodged a complaint.

Police identified the thieves and arrested MM, 30, Syrian, NJ, 26, Uzbek while the third remained fugitive.

MM admitted that he agreed with NJ and the fugitive to steal from the victim. His role was to drive the car.

“After stealing from the victim, we drove to Sharjah where we divided the amount among us,” he said.

NJ admitted that he planned for the theft and rented a car to use it in the crime.

The thieves admitted to using some of the money for renting a flat in Sharjah.

Police confiscated Dh2.8m in the possession of NJ.

The victim recognized the two accused when shown to him via identification parade.

The court will reconvene on November 6.