Two ‘mothers’ and their friends held over ‘lost’ kid

By Eudore R. Chand

The 'lost' child

DUBAI 22 September 2019: Four women are in Dubai Police custody for conspiracy to leave a five-year old child at a police station – claiming he was lost.

None of them were his mother – but they knew him. His biological mother had left the country after giving him birth never to return.

She entrusted her son to a friend who lived in Sharjah, and left the UAE claiming that she’ll be back in a few days to retrieve him. Five years passed and she never did.

The ‘surrogate’ mother tried to contact the biological mother but lost all contact. She asked a friend what to do and her friend suggested that the child be given to a third woman to raise.

When the child’s upkeep became a strain, the new ‘mother’ asked a friend for advice. A plan was hatched to bring him at a police station claiming he was lost.

Her friend took the child to a police station in Dubai claiming to have found him Reef Mall.

Dubai Police said they immediately started the search and distributed the child’s photo on social media. They also alerted the news media about him being found.

Within an hour and a half they received a phone call from Sharjah naming the area where the child had been seen living with an Asian woman. Dubai Police arrested the woman in coordination with Sharjah Police.

DNA Check

Police brought the four women involved in the case – the two women who acted as his mothers, and their friends – to test their DNA. The result showed that none of them were the biological mother of the child.

Dubai Police took the child to the hospital and had all the necessary medical tests done. He was found to be healthy. He was then handed him over to the Dubai Women and Children’s Care Foundation.

Police is taking legal action against the four women.


Will you help return this lost kid to his parents?

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