You can’t sleep?…wear sunglasses

British expert says glasses change everything

People having trouble falling asleep at night can tackle the problem by simply wearing sunglasses in bed, says a British sleep expert.

“Rejoice – there’s finally a way that you can combine sleep with style,” the British Metro newspaper said in a headline for the story.

“If you’re having trouble nodding off, simply wearing sunglasses at night could change everything,” it added.

It said that is the advice of sleep expert Glenn Landry, adding that he should know because that is exactly what he does.

“If that sounds absolutely bonkers to you, there is actually some science to prove that he might be on to something,” the paper said.

It quoted Landry as saying :”In an age where we watch TV, check our phones and play video games in the evening and at night, the exposure to artificial light interferes with the body’s circadian clock.

“Too much light at night affects our daily biological rhythms and can affect sleep.

Similarly, people who don’t get enough light during the day are missing out on important clues to the brain. So next time you’re lying awake and staring at the ceiling, forget counting sheep and reach for your shades – you might finally get some sleep.”

Dubai Gazette