Young girl jumps barriers to hand Pope a letter

By Sheena Amos

ABU DHABI 6 February 2019: Pope Francis arrived at Sheikh Zayed Stadium in an automobile, greeting exuberant crowds.

The atmosphere was filled with cheer and good spirit.

A little girl jumped from barriers and ran towards the automobile, which Pope Francis stopped, so that the young child can deliver what appeared to be a letter or drawing to the Head of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis will delivered his Homily shortly afterwards on a stage that had been decorated with simple white backdrop, a large golden Crucifix at the centre of the stage, and a statue of the Virgin Mary. This modest setting is a rare occurrence for Holy Mass, which usually contains a large number of religious symbols at the Altar.

Introductory Rites began as part of the Holy Mass Order, with worshipers partaking in prayer and hymns, along with readings from the Gospel by Church clergy.

Dubai Gazette