Your good behavior can pay for government fees

By DG Staff

DUBAI 17 October 2019: The UAE has launched a scheme under which your good behaviour will earn reward points that can then be used to pay towards government fees.

Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, launched the ‘National Behavioural Reward Programme’ strategy which aims to incentivise positive behaviour.

Sheikh Saif launched the strategy while chairing the second meeting of the lead team of the Department of Behavioral Rewards at the Ministry of Possibilities in Dubai.

The strategy will target all segments of the community, especially students, the youth, families, senior citizens, people of determination, business leaders and employees through five main pillars – Individual Empowerment, Family Support, Community Interaction, Economic Growth, and Love of Country.

The strategy focuses on spreading the message of behavioural science and adopting its outcomes, to empower the entire community and encourage them to adopt positive behaviours, support families, promote community interaction, and bolster the economy, as well as achieve the country’s comprehensive development. Over 90 behaviours were selected for the strategy.

The strategy’s implementation will help encourage patriotism, ensure loyalty, spread good ethics, prepare a generation ready to lead the future, reinforce the UAE’s global position in competitiveness indexes, promote positive behaviours, and achieve the objectives of the UAE Vision 2021.


Dubai Gazette